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Erwan Noblet 

Voice Teacher / Singer / Improviser / Songwriter


Master of Music in CCM* voice pedagogy

Trained Vocologist (NCVS)


I am an explorer who seeks authenticity, human connection, meaning and excellence in my work. Passionate about transmission, pedagogy is the keystone of my professional career.


After five years as a singer in different musical groups, I decided to learn how to teach voice while developing my artistic projects. I studied voice science and voice pedagogy with Allan Wright (TCM teacher training), François Vallade, Nathalie Bonnaud, Cécile Bonardi, and Monique Thomas. In parallel, I self-produced two EPs with my group Layenn, co-wrote the musical piece Concert Room and participated in the creation of the improvised show Airs de Rien with the collective Les Paillettes.

Then I went to the United States to study with Professor Ingo Titze (eminent American voice researcher) for two months and travelled alone from Canada to Bolivia for the next ten months. A revitalizing, inspiring journey that was rich in encounters.


At the end of this trip, I seized the opportunity to continue my studies in the United States. I obtained a Master of Music in Voice Pedagogy at the University of Shenandoah in Virginia. The talented and passionate teachers encouraged me to answer an important question: why do you sing? I need a connection with others and with myself. The voice allows you to reveal yourself, assert your identity and create a deep bond with the collective.

At the same time, I studied with mentors like Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon in New York and Chicago and taught free vocal improvisation, "Circle Singing," at Shenandoah University. These experiences fueled my passion for music and voice work.


Today I continue to explore, meet and work with educators from all over the world and put myself at the service of singer, actor, and orator to explore this deep and authentic link between the voice and our inner music. I am currently a PhD student in critical studies in improvisation at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. 

* Contemporary and Commercial Music

  • Música do Círculo leading training 2023-24 (Brazil)

  • All The Way In 2023 with Rhiannon (Hawai'i)

  • The online Voice Incorporated with Robert Sussuma

  • Vocal River with Rhiannon (Acton Vale, Québec)

  • Circle Song School with Bobby McFerrin and his team (Berkeley, California)

  • Body and Voice with Jorge Parente (Nantes)

  • Cirlce Singing: It's all about Us with Bobby McFerrin and his team (NYC)

  • Vocal River with Rhiannon (Chicago)

  • Online Vocal River with Rhiannon

  • Vocal lab: the magical and the practical with Onome (NYC)

  • CCM institute 2019 (Winchester, VA)

  • Voice Foundation 2019 (Philadelphia, PA) 

  • VASTA 2018 (Seattle, WA)

  • PAVA 2017 (Toronto, ON) 

Voice Science conferences attended
 Artistic projects
Training programs since 2019
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