This Studio provides quality voice lessons by integrating a variety of teaching methods, updated according to the latest research in voice science. Each lesson is designed according to your needs and your personality. 

Let's explore and have fun! 


Can you book a package of lessons?

Yes you can. First, you have to take one lesson in order to discover each other and arrange the schedule. 

Special offer: 5 hours of lessons 250€ vs 275€

Do you need to buy music?  

Tuition does not include the cost of music. I need a chord chart  to play your music. I am not a classically trained pianist, so if you want to work on an audition piece, you will need to book a pianist for half of the lesson. I usually use karaoke tracks if needed.  


What will happen if you are early, late, or fail to show up?

Early: You will have to wait until your time in the waiting room.

Late: We will use the remaining time.

Fail to show up: No reimbursement. If you have a valid excuse (sickness, accident), I will let you reschedule but once a month only.

When and how do you pay the lessons? 

Lessons are billed monthly on the first of the month in which the lessons take place. I accept Paypal, Venmo, or cash. 


How will we communicate with each other?

Via email, text or WhatsApp.


Cancellation policy

If no payment is made at the beginning of the month, your spot will be made available to others. If you do not show up for a confirmed lesson, you are responsible for the full fee of the lesson. Cancellations are accepted via email only.


Weather policy

In case of extreme weather condition, online lesson will be offered.


Withdrawing from the studio

In case of a 5 lessons package enrollment, no reimbursement will be accepted if you want to withdraw from the studio before the last lesson (expect health issue that not allow you to do the work). In case of episodic private lessons, you can leave whenever they want. 

More questions?