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    1H: 55€ / 30min: 30€
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In this constantly changing world, I want to stimulate creativity, authenticity and confidence in each of us. The voice work is a captivating exploration that requires a relationship of trust and kindness. For each course, the work methodology is personalized and is designed according to your goals, your personality type and your learning style. The scientific approach is combined with a somatic approach (Feldenkrais, Alexander, meditation, improvisation ...) to help you develop your body awareness and optimize your vocal gesture.

There are multiple educational possibilities to reveal your vocal potential, so let's explore together the path that's right for you.



Personalized exercises will be designed to help you achieve your goals. The pedagogy that I use combines a scientific approach (anatomy, acoustics, motor learning, vocal health) and a somatic one (Feldenkrais, Alexander, meditation, improvisation). You will be able to better understand your instrument in terms of physiology, registration, the different timbers of your voice. This practice will help you avoid vocal fatigue and explore different qualities of your voice. It is a training that implies a regular practice to progress. Practicing twice a day for 10 minutes is the minimum recommendation.

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Areas of work for healthy phonation:

Body awareness

The vocal cords adduction

Differentiation between phonation and articulation

Air flow management

Body alignment


Circle Songs allow people to express their music through the collective. The absence of stylistic rules, creates an open space to compose music, make sounds, use words without any expectation of result. It's a way to explore and develop your musicality, your listening skills, the relationship with others, letting go and self-confidence. You don't need to be a professional musician to join this type of workshop, you just need to listen to others and to yourself.

Each workshop combines improvisation games to help you unleash your creativity and build a relationship of trust with the group. Please see the list of workshops above for more details.


Your voice reflects your personality, your emotions, your moods and your personal journey.
A voice is characterized by its timbre, intonation, speed and intensity.

Stress for example, acts on our voice and your breathing can stop, your shoulders go up, your mouth dries up and our flow of words accelerates ...
Together we will work on breathing, posture, articulation and we will practice relaxation methods. The objective will be to positively associate all these parameters in order to approach your public speaking with serenity. You will be connected with others and communicate your message effectively.