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All The Way In is a training program dedicated to free vocal improvisation, created by Rhiannon, an American teaching artist who developed the Vocal River method while continuing to learn and create alongside Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra. ATWI is a 3-module program: one in Hawai'i, one in Italy, and one in Canada. A dive into the essence of vocal improvisation that encourages artists to explore their artistic identity, creativity, risk-taking, listening, harmony, the importance of words and presence.

I had the chance to complete this training in September 2023 in Montreal. It was a unique experience with a group of passionate artists that allowed us to seek and learn to trust each other as a group and as artists.

This experience allowed me to regain confidence as a singer, take my place as a soloist, vocally create bass parts, percussion, harmonies, and sound texture, and even do my first fashion show as a model! It is an ode to collective musical research, filled with emotions and unforgettable memories. A big thank you to Rhiannon and the whole team!

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