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Ph.D. in the critical studies in improvisation 2021 - 2025 - University of Guelph (Ontario)

I decided to accept this new challenge: to confront myself with the unknown. It was a complicated decision because I love my job as a vocal coach for emerging artists. Still, I strongly believe in the educational value of improvisation in the search for vocal emancipation. This new journey in the academic world allows me to deepen my theoretical and practical knowledge, explore new territories, and free myself from my limiting thoughts. This 4-year program will let me do research in the field of free vocal improvisation. My goal is to increase embodiment practices in the academic environment and free the voice of students by mixing collective singing, vocal technique, listening to oneself and others, the relationship to the body and the management of emotions. It is a vast program that revolves around body sensations, the voice, deep listening, the collective, and transdisciplinarity. I wanted to personally go through the process to feel it in my body while exploring my doubts and fears. A new chapter fills with uncertainties but also with curiosity and new horizons. I am ready to jump!

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